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Development Projects -Kegalle District


“The best for the children of the nation”

Primary School Development Program - Kegalle District

In order to achieve the objectives of  enhancement of knowledge based development in future of Sri Lanka according to the Mahinda Chinthana future vision, the policy frame work of the Government, the Program of Development of 5000 Primary Schools is implemented by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Economic Development and the Provincial Education Ministry. It is expected that these well equipped 5000 primary schools will provide the necessary platform for the children of the nation to sharpen their potentials at optimum level in near future.

Students who completed the primary education successfully and acquired essential basic skills at this level should enter to the secondary education. For this purpose, educational opportunities should be provided while paying more attention on health care and precautions of the primary students. In order to achieve this kind of standard, primary schools should be developed as child friendly schools. It is the main objective of this program. Thus, special attention is paid on the provision of more enjoyable educational opportunities and creation of a pleasant school environment which ensures the health care and the safety of the children.

Under this program, basic infrastructure facilities of all identified schools will be completed within a short period of time. It is the main task of this program.

The basic development functions such as provision of electricity and water facilities and development of lavatory and sanitotory facilities, construction of school fence and gate, renovation of buildings, conversion of the school premises as model horticultural gardens, construction of playing parks, preparation of school name boards, preparation of activity rooms for year one students etc will be carried out in the selected school.

Further, 176 primary schools in Kegalle district have been developed at a cost of Rs.Mn 74.8 in 2012 under the Development of 5000 Schools Project initiated in 2012 under the patronage of Ministry of Economic Development and Ministry of Education with a view to develop schools which are under menacing of being closed.

In addition, 244 schools in Kegalle district which were not selected initially for the above program, are now being developed at a cost of Rs.Mn.122.

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District Secretary/GA

Mr. L.J.M.G.Chandrasiri


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