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Administration Division



Plan, conduct, coordinate and monitor human and physical resources to fulfil needs of internal and external beneficiaries in an effective and friendly manner.


  • Identify needs of internal and external stakeholders in a certain period and
  • Enhance the efficiency of the institute using new technology.
  • Provide a prompt, satisfactory service for internal stakeholders.
  • Create the back ground to fulfil the needs of external stakeholders in a given time period.
  • Direct the state and national level festivals as the main state administrator in the district.
  • Meet the terms of citizen’s charter.

Main Function

  1. Manage human and physical resources through developing human resources in the division.
  2. Maintain the daily post.
  3. Maintain personal files of the staff.
  4. Maintain issuing of licences.
  5. Maintain the payments and leaves of the staff.
  6. Direct the duties of the officers in Divisional secretariats assigned by circulars and regulations.
  7. Coordinate, organize and launch national and state level festivals.
  8. Implement projects and other tasks granted by ministries.
  9. Make the work premises pleasant.

10.  Maintain the common facilities of the institution.