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Measurement and Standard Service Division


To be established the most accurate and reliable national measurement system in South Asian region.


To be the apex institution for science of measurement being responsible for the National Measurement system and to ensure justice and equity in regulatory activities and transactions based on measurements


The Objective of the department is to provide credible and traceable calibration services to the country through implementing and administering the laws and regulations assigned to it

Main Functions

  • Establish and maintain scientific, legal and administrative structure which is required the secure and ensure the accuracy measurement system in the country
  • Secure the accuracy of measuring instruments used in trade by compulsory verification system
  • Develop regional and international co-operation in the field of metrology
  • Provision of Calibration facilities to trade, industry, health, environmental protection, safety on the road/air and sea which are traceable to international standards
  • Provide advisory services to required organization
  • Prevention of violation of measurement law of the country by way of conducting inspection and raids
  • Registration of manufactures, repairs and sellers of measuring devices
  • Testing pre packed foods